Friday, July 30, 2010

They Are Back :) 7-30-10

Ty, Tori andI have been looking forward to this day all week. Tyler and Tucker came home from camp. They both had stories to tell.
Tucker said he had a really good time. The theme this year was Toy Story 3, so they had a night all about that. He chose to do archery as his project for the week and boy did he love it. His counselors told him if he could hit an apple from 20 yds away they would carry him from the archery range to the dinner hall. Well guess what....he hit it and they carried him on their shoulders with kids chanting his name all the way to dinner. They even set him in his seat. He loved it. He also signed up for canoeing, but it got rained out two days. He fished, but only caught 2 brim.....he said he wouldn't fish next year. He did get to swim, swing on the big swing (very high and scary) and he even made a cake. I think he had a great time and I am so proud of him for going. His cabin name was Tankawa. He got a large strand of Beads of Courage which I will explain another time. It was the 20th year anniversary for Camp John Marc so they got shirts to commemorate the celebration. He and Jake had a great time and I know he will want to go back next year. After we got them, Stephanie and I, we went to eat at El Finex in down town Dallas.
On our way home, we were next to Tylers church van, so it was really exciting to see Tyler before he actually made it back to the church. Tyler had a great time at camp too. He really enjoyed tubbing this year. He said they had pillow fights in the dorm and pranks! He played basketball. His team name was the white walrus and he played rugby for the first time. He was really impressed with the fact that the rugby ball is so big. He also enjoyed the services.
I am really excited about my boys enjoying themselves this week, but I have to admit.....I am so glad they are home.
I am proud of you boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
love mom

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