Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

Today is Friday and Tori is at a Campers birthday party. We had to make a trip to Dallas for Tyler to get a bracket fixed. Very simple relaxing day so.....I want to share some pictures of Tylers 8th grade graduation party that we had in May.

His class went to Splash Kingdom in Canton. There were not many people there so the kids were able to ride a lot of the rides. It was a fun day!
The party was fun and all, but WOW what an emotional day. It just doesn't seem like Tyler should be finishing Jr. High.....just yesterday he was starting Kindergarten. He is a joy to watch! He is always making our family laugh with his different voices and faces that he makes. He is smart, loving and has a drive within him to work hard that is going to take him to great places in life!
I love you Tyler,

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