Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to Camp Esperanza - Tucker 7-25-10

Tucker and Jake headed off for Camp Esperanza Sunday.

We woke up and headed to Steph and Matt Hardins house. We loaded up and jumped in the car to begin our 1 and a half hour trip to Children's Hospital that we have made so many times. This time the trip was not to visit with the Dr., but to go to camp. Tucker and Jake attend a camp in Meridian, but the hospital takes them by charter bus to the camp. They both have gone through treatment for Leukemia and this camp is for children with cancer or for children who have had it. They can go until they are 15 years old.
We stopped at McDonalds on the way down so they would not be hungry on the bus. We arrived at the hospital around 11 and began to check in. We did a flu check, bag check and med check. After that a special group of people offered free photo shoots for the kids. It was a lot of fun. Tucker showed his muscles and made a mean face. I think he had a good time. We waited about 2 hrs before the buses left. While we were waiting Ty took a nap, Jake and Tucker played cards and a group of ladies brought their dogs to visit and do tricks. In the picture you see Izzy. She can roll over! Sweet dog.
About 1:30 ish they loaded the bus (bus 3) and that is when the emotions hit. Tucker looked out the window and we looked back at him. I think he was sad, but I think he was excited too. I can't wait to hear about his time at camp. I am anxious to see what activities he chose and what friends he made. I am also waiting to see if he took pictures with the camera I sent. Whatever he chose to do.....I know he is having a good time. I think about the moon at night when it is time for bed and I think how wonderful it is to know no matter where we are, we can always look up and know the same moon shines on both of us.
Tucker was very nervous about attending camp because he has a hard time at night going to sleep. He took a bottle of melatonin to help him sleep. I already miss him so much.

I am proud of you Tucker for going to camp!
love mom

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