Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CT Scan and Shopping with Tori 7-27-10

This morning at 8:15 I had to arrive at the hospital to begin what I thought was going to be a miserable morning. I had to have a CT scan of my abdomen and I had to drink the contrast. The contrast is horrible at most places, but this was different. It was just like water....easy to drink. I actually drank all of the contrast. The test was easy and my morning wasn't miserable!

After the scan, I met Tori and Shug for lunch. We went to Jason's Deli. Very good food. Tori brought McDonalds with her. She really is a good healthy eater, but sometimes she likes good old chicken nuggets from McDonalds and well she is really after the toy. Lunch was very good and then we were off to shop for accessories. Tori got earrings and a blue jean vest. She also found her a very stylish shirt at Dillards. We also picked up some really cute socks and panties. After a long day in town we came home.

Ty came home and then off we went again to Tyler except this time we went to eat a Olive Garden and went to see the movie Dispicable Me. Tori really laughed a lot during the movie. As we left she was telling Ty and I how good the movie was. It was a nice evening with Tori.
I love you Tori,
love mom

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