Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Ready 7-31-10

Yesterday, Ty and I took Tyler up to the field house to get his pads, helmet and workout stuff for football practice that starts on Monday. I always dreamed of this day and how excited I would be to see my son playing high school ball, but I will have to say I didn't know I would feel so many emotions about it. He has made me so proud and I can't imagine how life will be when he goes off to collage. This step of going into high school just puts us one more year closer to collage. I am proud and well feeling a little sad at the same time.

Tyler is going to be practicing for offense and defense. He can't wait to get pads on and hit someone. This is something he has been talking about since the last game last year. He has worked so hard at conditioning and I know it will pay off for him in the future. He is so excited!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

They Are Back :) 7-30-10

Ty, Tori andI have been looking forward to this day all week. Tyler and Tucker came home from camp. They both had stories to tell.
Tucker said he had a really good time. The theme this year was Toy Story 3, so they had a night all about that. He chose to do archery as his project for the week and boy did he love it. His counselors told him if he could hit an apple from 20 yds away they would carry him from the archery range to the dinner hall. Well guess what....he hit it and they carried him on their shoulders with kids chanting his name all the way to dinner. They even set him in his seat. He loved it. He also signed up for canoeing, but it got rained out two days. He fished, but only caught 2 brim.....he said he wouldn't fish next year. He did get to swim, swing on the big swing (very high and scary) and he even made a cake. I think he had a great time and I am so proud of him for going. His cabin name was Tankawa. He got a large strand of Beads of Courage which I will explain another time. It was the 20th year anniversary for Camp John Marc so they got shirts to commemorate the celebration. He and Jake had a great time and I know he will want to go back next year. After we got them, Stephanie and I, we went to eat at El Finex in down town Dallas.
On our way home, we were next to Tylers church van, so it was really exciting to see Tyler before he actually made it back to the church. Tyler had a great time at camp too. He really enjoyed tubbing this year. He said they had pillow fights in the dorm and pranks! He played basketball. His team name was the white walrus and he played rugby for the first time. He was really impressed with the fact that the rugby ball is so big. He also enjoyed the services.
I am really excited about my boys enjoying themselves this week, but I have to admit.....I am so glad they are home.
I am proud of you boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
love mom

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CT Scan and Shopping with Tori 7-27-10

This morning at 8:15 I had to arrive at the hospital to begin what I thought was going to be a miserable morning. I had to have a CT scan of my abdomen and I had to drink the contrast. The contrast is horrible at most places, but this was different. It was just like water....easy to drink. I actually drank all of the contrast. The test was easy and my morning wasn't miserable!

After the scan, I met Tori and Shug for lunch. We went to Jason's Deli. Very good food. Tori brought McDonalds with her. She really is a good healthy eater, but sometimes she likes good old chicken nuggets from McDonalds and well she is really after the toy. Lunch was very good and then we were off to shop for accessories. Tori got earrings and a blue jean vest. She also found her a very stylish shirt at Dillards. We also picked up some really cute socks and panties. After a long day in town we came home.

Ty came home and then off we went again to Tyler except this time we went to eat a Olive Garden and went to see the movie Dispicable Me. Tori really laughed a lot during the movie. As we left she was telling Ty and I how good the movie was. It was a nice evening with Tori.
I love you Tori,
love mom

Monday, July 26, 2010

Off to Maypearl Texas! Tyler - 7-26-10

Tyler left for church camp today! Our Church camp is in Maypearl Texas just outside Waxahachie. This is place for kids to bond and really focus on God. They don'thave TV's, computers or cell phones. It is amazing what can happen when life in a sense slows down. Tyler looks forward to camp every year and this year is great because he is going into high school. He is no longer the younger man on campus....well at camp anyways. He and the older kids have some tricks up their sleeves. They got cling plastic wrap, shaving cream and a bull horn. They also do a mattress drop with the younger ones. They lift a kid up on a mattress and then drop the mattress. Camp is time of games and well more games. They get so dirty sliding in the mud and running through water. Can anyone say corn starch. I am looking forward to hear what God has done in their lives. I also can't wait to hear about their team names and the games that they played. Tyler really didn't want me taking a lot of picts., so I just have a few. I am so proud of Tyler and I love him soooooo much. love mom

Off to Camp Esperanza - Tucker 7-25-10

Tucker and Jake headed off for Camp Esperanza Sunday.

We woke up and headed to Steph and Matt Hardins house. We loaded up and jumped in the car to begin our 1 and a half hour trip to Children's Hospital that we have made so many times. This time the trip was not to visit with the Dr., but to go to camp. Tucker and Jake attend a camp in Meridian, but the hospital takes them by charter bus to the camp. They both have gone through treatment for Leukemia and this camp is for children with cancer or for children who have had it. They can go until they are 15 years old.
We stopped at McDonalds on the way down so they would not be hungry on the bus. We arrived at the hospital around 11 and began to check in. We did a flu check, bag check and med check. After that a special group of people offered free photo shoots for the kids. It was a lot of fun. Tucker showed his muscles and made a mean face. I think he had a good time. We waited about 2 hrs before the buses left. While we were waiting Ty took a nap, Jake and Tucker played cards and a group of ladies brought their dogs to visit and do tricks. In the picture you see Izzy. She can roll over! Sweet dog.
About 1:30 ish they loaded the bus (bus 3) and that is when the emotions hit. Tucker looked out the window and we looked back at him. I think he was sad, but I think he was excited too. I can't wait to hear about his time at camp. I am anxious to see what activities he chose and what friends he made. I am also waiting to see if he took pictures with the camera I sent. Whatever he chose to do.....I know he is having a good time. I think about the moon at night when it is time for bed and I think how wonderful it is to know no matter where we are, we can always look up and know the same moon shines on both of us.
Tucker was very nervous about attending camp because he has a hard time at night going to sleep. He took a bottle of melatonin to help him sleep. I already miss him so much.

I am proud of you Tucker for going to camp!
love mom

Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010

Today is Friday and Tori is at a Campers birthday party. We had to make a trip to Dallas for Tyler to get a bracket fixed. Very simple relaxing day so.....I want to share some pictures of Tylers 8th grade graduation party that we had in May.

His class went to Splash Kingdom in Canton. There were not many people there so the kids were able to ride a lot of the rides. It was a fun day!
The party was fun and all, but WOW what an emotional day. It just doesn't seem like Tyler should be finishing Jr. High.....just yesterday he was starting Kindergarten. He is a joy to watch! He is always making our family laugh with his different voices and faces that he makes. He is smart, loving and has a drive within him to work hard that is going to take him to great places in life!
I love you Tyler,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

June 22, 2010


July 4th weekend

Today was a very lazy day so I wanted to journal a little about what we did on July 4th weekend. Tyler was supposed to be in a baseball tournament, but it was rained out so instead of playing baseball we went to Frisco. Pops, Sugar, Shanda, Tom, Carson, Trey and Mylee were already up there and they were staying in the Windsor hotel. We stayed at the Embassy because they have an in door pool. We met them for dinner at the La Haseinda to celebrate family birthdays......great food. Both evenings that we were there the Rough Riders baseball team was playing at the Dr. Pepper park. After the games we saw the firework was beautiful and I feel we had the best seats in the house. We were on the 3rd floor and the fireworks were about 200 yds away. We didn't attend the games, but we could hear it all. After the fireworks on the 4th we were hungry, so we decided to go to Steak n Shake. MMMMMM good. My family had a shake at this place for the first time.
Over this weekend, we did get a lot of school shopping done. The kids got their back packs and cloths. Tyler even got his football cleats and tights.
The weekend was great and it turned out to be so fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010

The Salt Lick Pit

Today I have decided to journal as much as I can about my wonderful kids. They make me so proud. Tyler is 14, Tucker is 11 and Tori is 8. I feel like I should have started this years ago, but it is never too late to get started, so here it goes.......

Over the weekend we went to New Braunfels. We had such a great time. The kids really enjoyed Schlitterbaun. The Torent was a lazy river that wasn't so lazy. We rode a tube ride that took about 25 min and actually went into the Comal river. Very Cold Water! It was busy so we got a little sun burned standing in line. After we left the park we went to a city park that was on the Comal river. The kids swam in the water as tubbers drifted by. I was surprised, but they loved the cold water. We really enjoyed our time together.

Ty met up with his coaching buddies down there because they had coaching school this week too. I drove home....Yes I did it! We really missed him.

We stayed the night with "Sister" sister on Mon. night and all the kids loved that. It was a great big slumber party. We took the kids, Tyler, Tori, Carson and Mylee to the lake to ride a tube. Tyler has a friend here from Houston and her Grandmother took us to the lake. We swam in the lake and then when it came time to ride the tube, well the pictures speak for themselves. Tori loved it. She was sitting on her knees. Tyler got air and a bloody nose.

Tucker was a six flags with a friend and spent all his money.

Wednesday: It has been a relaxing day. We slept late and then went to pick up Tucker and then off to Wally World we went. Tyler had to work for POPS, his grandpa. He worked very hard and POPS said he is a really hard worker. He was dripping wet from sweat! The boys went to church and crazy me...I went to get Tyler and left Tucker there. Good thing we live across the street from the church and his cousins were walking home. He just went with them. Well, I will update tomorrow! love Mom