Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School!

How exciting it is to go back to school.....or is it? The kids were excited to get to see their friends, but I don't think they were ready to jump into work. Tyler started high school this year and he was so excited he couldn't stand it. He has a great schedule and great teachers. His fav at this time is ag. He really likes Mr. Flowers and thinks he is pretty cool. Tucker started 6th which means he is in band. He is playing the trumpet....well he will when they learn a little more. He likes his classes and teachers. Tori will be taking TAKS for the first time this year. She loves her teacher Mrs. Chambers. Carson is at BIS with me and it is fun having him in my room. He is a really good smart student. Trey is still in Chandler with sister and she says he is doing really good. Autumn is at BIS and has seemed very happen every time I see her.

Tori comes home from San Antonio

Tori was gone to San Antonio with Pops and Shug from Aug. 18 - 22. She had so much fun. She collected so many diff. pens from the tree show and even got her pict with Elvis. She ate in the rotating resturant and swam a whole lot. She called me a few nights before she was to come home and requested a welcome home party. She wanted a checkerboard cake. So.......On the night she arrived home we had signs, flags and cake. She cried because she really didn't expect us to do it. After cake and milk she was off to bed because the next day was the first day of 3rd grade.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Teachers inservice

Ty and I have spent this week getting ready for the kids to return to school. It has been very busy and we are all tired. Tori is in San Antonio with Pops, Sugar and Mylee. I will have a lot more info on that Monday. We miss her so much though. Tonight on the phone she asked me if I could make her a welcome home sign and a checkerboard cake. She wanted a party also, but it will be really late when she gets home so we will have to put that off to another date. She makes me laugh so much!
Last night Tucker went to meet his 6th grade teachers and I can't believe he is so grown. August 16th was his 4th year anniversary for finding out he had Cancer. It is now a celebration for us because he is doing so good. He is starting band and will be playing the trumpet. He is in class with some of his friends.
Tylers scrimmage was canceled last night due to bad weather. He was disappointed, but now he can look forward to Palestine next week.

Meet the Bears

We have gone to Meet the Bears every year. The kids always look forward to seeing the cheerleaders, drill team, band and the Bears. It was held in the gym this year due to the stadium not being finished. Tyler was the first Bear to enter the gym. Freshman came in first and sat at the top of the bleachers. His had was on backwards and he looked grown. It got us in the mood for football season. After it was over, Tyler walked around visiting with all of his friends. His high school days have begun. What a fun time in life.....I hope he takes time to enjoy every moment because it flies by so fast and well.......its gone. Go Bears!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tuckers Birthday party at sisters

Sat. August 14th was a lot of fun. Tucker had his birthday party at Sister and Toms house. We set up for hot dogs and cake. Everyone brought their chairs and we visited while the kids played. They played a very short game of wuffle ball and then started sliding on the 50 ft. slip n slide. We put soap on it so it was really slick. The kids jumped in the pool before we ate to get fully cleaned off. They were running in circles in the pool which made it look like a whirlpool. The cake was fun because it was decorated with a man shooting at a dear near a stream. That is right up Tuckers ally. Fun time with family and friends!
Today was also the 17th anniversary of marrage for Ty and I!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home again and Happy Birthday Tucker

Tucker and Tori are home and yesterday was Tuckers 12th birthday. We are celebrating his birthday tonight with his friends though.
Tucker and Tori got home and began to tell about everything they did. Tuck didn't want to come home I don't think. They loved the rec. center where they can swim, rock climb, play raquet ball and most off all be in the shade. I only got one pic. because when they got home it was so hot outside they only wanted to get there stuff and get home.

Tuckers birthday was good. We took him to Ken's pizza. That is his fav. place to go. When we got there, some of our friends walked in so we ate with them. While Tucker was gone I made him a cake. We have been watching cake boss and he saw a checkeboard style cake he wanted so I did my best. It tasted really good! Tucker got money from his grandparents. Pops and Shug got him a membership at a bow shooting range. Also, Shug taped money on pages of hunting magazines. Tuck had to flip through them to find all the money. Fun!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Off to Church Camp

This morning we woke up ready for church camp. Tori and Tucker were both packed and ready to go. They were a little nervous about leaving home, but we encouraged them that they would have a wonderful time. Grammy went with them, so it that was making it a little easier too. We put a note in their bags so they would have a surprise when they got to camp. We went to church and they loaded their bags on the van. I was sad because I had to sing at the time that they were leaving. Ty went out to see them off and Sister took picts. of them for me. When they left the church, they were going to go eat lunch and then head for the camp.
This camp is so fun because it has so much to do. There is a lake with a blob, long downhill slides, a gym with many things to do in it and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. They will be so busy.
We miss you Tucker and Tori,
love mom

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Football Fajita Fest and Pictures

The annual Football Fajita Fest is tonight. All the coaches on the Brownsboro coaching staff and their families are going to Coach Losacks house to eat, swim and have a baby shower. We have a cookie cake that looks like a foot ball field and I know the kids will love that.

Also today Tyler has his media day. They take pictures for the new paper.

Tori and Tucker are getting packed to go to camp on Sunday. They will be gone until Thursday. I am going to miss them, but I love hearing stories about what they did at camp. They will be in Maypearl Texas. I am praying God will thouch their lives! They are so precious to me and I know God has a plan just for them. Have fun!
Love mom

Friday, August 6, 2010

All 3 kids

Happy 9th Birthday Carson!

Today, I am sharing a little about all 3 of my kids.

Tori - Tori is going to be in 3rd grade this year and she was so excited today to get a letter in the mail from her teacher Mrs. Chambers. Tori is a very smart girl. I know she is going to do great in 3rd grade.

Tucker - Tucker loves to shoot his bow. This week he got an upgrade in arrows. He is only allowed to shoot them at certain times. He hit a toy soccor ball from 15 yards twice in a row.

Tyler - Tyler practiced today for the first time in high school with pads on. He got a few battle scars which make me sad. He walked out of the locker room with ice on his shoulder today. He also got his picture in the paper this week!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dr. Visits and Football! August 1st and 2nd

Monday we rose early to go the Dallas. Tucker had a Dr. appt. at Childrens and we had to be there at 9:45. He only goes every 2 months now so it is nice to see people we have not seen in a while. Shug went with us and was great company for us. Tori and Tucker sat at the craft table while we waited for his appt. Tucker got new beads for his Beads of Courage necklace.

Tyler started football and I have some great picts of him practicing. He is doing really good, but he is really tired and hungry. He is amazed at how much he has grown this year. I can't wait to watch him play ball. Ty is sporting his coaching hat that keeps the sun off of his head. He works so hard and I know he has to be enjoying it so much with Tyler being out there this year. Go Bears!

Great Weekend 7-31-10

Today I am reflecting on the weekend.

Friday evening we spent time at Tom and Shanda's house swimming and visiting. We always enjoy spending time with them. We usually play cards and the kids play.

Saturday we went to Salsaritas with Tom, Shanda, Brent and Amy.....all the kids went too. After we ate we went to Brent and Amy's to eat homeade ice cream and swim. It was a lot of fun spending time visiting with everyone. The kids had a lot of fun too!