Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Ready 7-31-10

Yesterday, Ty and I took Tyler up to the field house to get his pads, helmet and workout stuff for football practice that starts on Monday. I always dreamed of this day and how excited I would be to see my son playing high school ball, but I will have to say I didn't know I would feel so many emotions about it. He has made me so proud and I can't imagine how life will be when he goes off to collage. This step of going into high school just puts us one more year closer to collage. I am proud and well feeling a little sad at the same time.

Tyler is going to be practicing for offense and defense. He can't wait to get pads on and hit someone. This is something he has been talking about since the last game last year. He has worked so hard at conditioning and I know it will pay off for him in the future. He is so excited!!!!

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  1. I can not believe it....Makes this Shug want to cry! I know that he is excited and for that reason, I am excited too.....Can't wait to watch him play....