Friday, August 20, 2010

Teachers inservice

Ty and I have spent this week getting ready for the kids to return to school. It has been very busy and we are all tired. Tori is in San Antonio with Pops, Sugar and Mylee. I will have a lot more info on that Monday. We miss her so much though. Tonight on the phone she asked me if I could make her a welcome home sign and a checkerboard cake. She wanted a party also, but it will be really late when she gets home so we will have to put that off to another date. She makes me laugh so much!
Last night Tucker went to meet his 6th grade teachers and I can't believe he is so grown. August 16th was his 4th year anniversary for finding out he had Cancer. It is now a celebration for us because he is doing so good. He is starting band and will be playing the trumpet. He is in class with some of his friends.
Tylers scrimmage was canceled last night due to bad weather. He was disappointed, but now he can look forward to Palestine next week.

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  1. I love this family.....My grandchildren are growing up and it is so much fun watching them explore new things in their lives. I miss them being little, but I know life does not allow us to keep them small...This is one proud Sugar that loves them dearly...