Friday, August 13, 2010

Home again and Happy Birthday Tucker

Tucker and Tori are home and yesterday was Tuckers 12th birthday. We are celebrating his birthday tonight with his friends though.
Tucker and Tori got home and began to tell about everything they did. Tuck didn't want to come home I don't think. They loved the rec. center where they can swim, rock climb, play raquet ball and most off all be in the shade. I only got one pic. because when they got home it was so hot outside they only wanted to get there stuff and get home.

Tuckers birthday was good. We took him to Ken's pizza. That is his fav. place to go. When we got there, some of our friends walked in so we ate with them. While Tucker was gone I made him a cake. We have been watching cake boss and he saw a checkeboard style cake he wanted so I did my best. It tasted really good! Tucker got money from his grandparents. Pops and Shug got him a membership at a bow shooting range. Also, Shug taped money on pages of hunting magazines. Tuck had to flip through them to find all the money. Fun!

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