Sunday, August 8, 2010

Off to Church Camp

This morning we woke up ready for church camp. Tori and Tucker were both packed and ready to go. They were a little nervous about leaving home, but we encouraged them that they would have a wonderful time. Grammy went with them, so it that was making it a little easier too. We put a note in their bags so they would have a surprise when they got to camp. We went to church and they loaded their bags on the van. I was sad because I had to sing at the time that they were leaving. Ty went out to see them off and Sister took picts. of them for me. When they left the church, they were going to go eat lunch and then head for the camp.
This camp is so fun because it has so much to do. There is a lake with a blob, long downhill slides, a gym with many things to do in it and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. They will be so busy.
We miss you Tucker and Tori,
love mom

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